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Beijing's first 5 g ground haidian intelligence community

Date: 2019-07-04

(3) yesterday, the Beijing municipal first 5 g new intelligence community built in haidian district zhiqiang north garden area.

Reporters on the scene saw, haidian district zhiqiang north garden, the old village, built in the 1980 s "technology rocks", now fitted intelligent mobile water covers fitted smoke alarm monitoring equipment, sheds, bin has the function of overflowing to inform...Sitting in the central control room, can make the neighborhood of any "trouble" panoramic view.North green news reporter noticed that the community has installed more than 20 face-recognition cameras, can implement behavior trajectory tracking capture, significantly raise the level of community security.

Reporter noted that in the north zhiqiang park village, residents have to live a life in 5 g."Just for face recognition, the camera and back-end systems rely on facial details for identification.Under the condition of 4 g communication technology, if wear masks and sunglasses, hiding the facial, it is difficult to identify.But in 5 g era, because the camera grab more rich, the details of the transfer content more, even if only to see faces local, identify, greatly increased efficiency."Take the intelligence community construction tesla union (Beijing) technology co., LTD., general manager of Beijing branch Zhao Li is introduced.

, haidian district, Beijing city service management center, deputy director of the 巩振文 said that this year, haidian will be carried out in the district 40 community wisdom construction pilot, through the comprehensive utilization of intelligent entrance guard, face the camera and other high-tech equipment, to entrance guard, fire control system, the elevator operates 18 scenario for intelligent detection and abnormal situation report to the police.